The Wealth Group provides everything that you need to make the move toward providing more complete financial services for your clients. 

It starts with a system – a proven approach to investment management and financial services specifically designed around the needs of North Carolina CPAs.

Behind this system stand the people who created it – a team of leaders who have been intimately involved in the securities industry for decades, and who have a great deal of experience working directly with people in your shoes. 

Supporting it all is a strong and continually growing network of financial experts – professionals like yourself who share their knowledge on issues general and specific, and who serve as an easily available source of support, advice and solutions.

In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of carefully crafted marketing materials, which you can use with new and existing clients. These quality materials serve to clearly explain the new services that you’ll be offering, and provide a third-party validation of your services from The Wealth Group.